Destination: Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Summit Bernal Heights, play on the Esmeralda Slides, and improve your short game at Urban Putt. Bonus Stop, Balmy Alley.

Cody Tolmasoff
3 min readApr 14, 2020


This is part of a series of family-oriented day trip outings around the San Francisco Bay Area I look forward to enjoying with my kids once social distancing and shelter in place isn’t the norm any longer.

Swing at the top of Bernal Hill by Cody Tolmasoff

Destination: Bernal Heights

  1. Summit Bernal Heights
  2. Play at the Esmeralda Slides
  3. Play 18 holes at Urban Putt
  4. Bonus Stop: Balmy Alley

Summit Bernal Heights

Walking up to Bernal Summit by Cody Tolmasoff

I love a walk to the top of Bernal Heights. We took a trip for my birthday last fall, and the weather was perfect.

It’s a good climb, but not too steep. It offers one of the best views of the city too. I’d say it's comparable to Twin Peaks, but without all the people driving in and parking(since you have to hike to the top). And if you make it to the very top, you might find a rope swing at the top (if Park & Rec hasn’t taken it down).

Play at the Esmeralda Slides

Esmerelda Slides Via BernalHeights.com

On the western side of Bernal Hill is the Esmeralda Slide Park. It’s an extra-long slide…



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