Day Trip Adventure: Bike Sunday on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park

Bike JFK Drive (closed to cars on Sundays), hike to the top of Rainbow Falls, and stroll around the rose garden.

Cody Tolmasoff
4 min readMay 13, 2020

This is part of a series of family-oriented day trip outings around the San Francisco Bay Area I look forward to enjoying with my kids once social distancing and shelter in place isn’t the norm any longer.

Passing the Conservatory of Flowers on Bike Sunday in Golden Gate Park by Cody Tolmasoff

Bike Sunday on JFK Drive — A Bonus Adventure

When I grew up in the Sunset District, my family always seemed to take part as pedestrians during Sunday closures of JFK Drive. We rarely had a car, and the logistics of bringing our skates or bikes were probably too complicated.

I think also, it was never a destination for us. It was more likely that we were visiting somewhere else nearby and came across this party on wheels along the way.

Even without a bike, it was a delightful experience to walk along the road among all the people cruising on roller skates or bikes, carrying boomboxes, dancing as they went. Even today, it’s a charming experience and a splendid way to spend the afternoon.

Adventure: Bike Sunday in Golden Gate Park

  1. Bike JFK Drive (closed to cars on Sundays)
  2. Hike to the top of Rainbow Falls
  3. Stroll around the Rose Garden

Bike JFK Drive

Drawing chalk dahlia’s next to the dahlia garden on a Bike Sunday by Cody Tolmasoff

There are lots of brief detours and stops to take riding along JFK drive on bike Sunday. You can ride between (under) Crossover drive all the way up to Kezar drive. We often will make a couple of round…



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